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Manufacturer and Exporter of Invert Sugar Manufacturer and Exporter of Invert Sugar
Manufacturer and Exporter of Invert Sugar
Manufacturer & Exporter of Invert Sugar.
Manufacturer and Exporter of Invert Sugar
Manufacturer and Exporter of Invert SugarManufacturer and Exporter of Invert Sugar Manufacturer and Exporter of Invert Sugar

Rahul Sugar ProductsAbout Company

The company Rahul Sugar Products is a professionally managed dedicated professionals. Their latest venture surpasses every other method of manufacturing invert sugar syrup a new generation sweetner.

The Rahul Sugar Products is quite a new plant developed in 1997 in a small town of DHAMPUR in U.P. This plant possess a special place and a rank in asian industries association in the field of invert sugar manufacturing. This plant is second plant in India to produce invert sugar and first in India to manufacture invert sugar by cationic process.

Rahul Sugar Products ushers in a new concept for manufacturing invert sugar , based on an entirely new and modern process to make life more sweeter than ever before. The invert sugar production capacity of this plant is 3600 mt per annum, which is supplied throughout the country as well as it is also being exported. The company produces invert sugar in three grades namely diamond gel, energetic-h and golden gel.

Rahul Sugar ProductsProducts

RSP's liquid gold is a premium invert sugar syrup that has been developed to provide an easy to handle alternative to granulated sugars. Invert sugar is ready to use clear and in soluble form. Unlike in conventional preparation of sugar syrup , invert sugar syrup cuts down time / labour, power and infrastural resources. It is carefully produced with fine sugar to provide consistent flavour and low colour.

Invert sugar syrup an equimolecular mixture of fructose and glucose

+ C6H12O6

Features of our our Products :
¤ More sweeter than sugar
¤ Ready to use
¤ Extremely Stable
¤ Highly Purified
¤ No Crystalization
¤ No Fermentation

Rahul Sugar ProductsOur USP

In this process, inversion of sucrose is carried out using cationic resins that are introduced into the liquid media which act as a strong catalysts, comparable to strong acids and bases.By choosing a cationic exchange resin of proper porosity and acidity, any degree of sucrose inversion can be achieved without the introduction of any electrolyte into the syrup.It is one of the best methods for producing invert syrup.

C12H22O11 H2O
C6H12O6 + C6H12O6

Internationally this is one of the best accepted as the best known for manufacturing invert sugar syrup, because it has attributes which no other process can match, namely

Rahul Sugar ProductsNo yeast formation
Rahul Sugar ProductsFree from acids
Rahul Sugar ProductsNo use of plaster of Paris (pop)

And the final product ..

Rahul Sugar Productshas lowest ash content
Rahul Sugar Productsis of constant colour and aroma
Rahul Sugar Productsis self-preservative
Rahul Sugar Productsis non carcinogenic and low on calories
Rahul Sugar Productsis free from any chemical additives
Rahul Sugar Productsis highly soluble than sugar

Rahul Sugar ProductsInfrastructure

We incorporate the modern production techniques to improve the performance of our products. Utilizing new techniques, streamlining our production processes and our cutting edge research and development facilities have expanded our product range to keep up with the international trends.

» Large-scale production capacities
Huge production capacities ensure that product availability at short notice and at competitive prices, enabling Rahul Sugar to cater to major domestic and export requirements.

» Qualified Team
Able and experienced managers lead well qualified personnel and trained workers.

Rahul Sugar ProductsClients

Being in the business for so many years and delivering consistently, we have built our reputation as manufacturer of quality products, who always deliver on time. We have acquired customers in a range of countries across the international spectrum.

Rahul Sugar ProductsContact

Rahul Sugar Products
Correspondence Office
Mr. Rahul Gupta
LG-CS-18 & 19, Ansal Plaza,
Ghaziabad- 201010.
Tel : + 91 - 120 - 4247184-185
Fax : + 91 - 120 - 4247185
Mobile : + 91 - 9412217957
Email :,,
Dhan Laxmi Industrial Estate,
Near Nadehi Sugar Mill, Nadehi Jaspur,
Distt.: U.S.Nagar - 244712 (Uttrakhand)

Nagina Road,Near New Petrol Pump,
Dhampur - 246761,
Distt-Bijnor (U.P)

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A healthy approach to sweetness !